Thursday, December 22, 2011

BBA Beauty Picks For 2012

I wear make-up everyday. Yes, every-friggin-day. The only natural part about it is that I naturally take an intrerest on what I wear on my face. My routine consists of not having one, and I love to change up my skincare and make-up brands *shrug*. However, I do have some favourites and new beauty items to share.... starting with Chanel ofcourse!

I can't wait for the entire Paris-Bombay collection to hit stores (this bag gave me goose bumps) but if we can focus on the nails for a minute, it's a new color called 'Diwali' or 'Divali' and it's a rustic gold that is to-die-for.

Chanel's other new release is the Knightsbridge Collection and this pink color pallette is something I can't wait to try:

Alot of people ask me what foundation I use. You can't go wrong with NARS Sheer Glow. The name says it all! It comes in some great yellow-based shades (BTW you should know your skin color - yellow or red) like this one called 'Punjab'.

So, I went to Bergdorf's to try the new Tom Ford beauty collection (finally). Didn't like it one bit. While I adore his coral lipstick - and it looks DIVINE on brown skin - but the rest was a little too overpriced and the color pallette was limiting. Not to mention the make-up consultant gave me colors that made me look like a 60-yr-old. See for yourself:

Coral is definitely not going anywhere in 2012!

One of the most exciting things for me is seeing the 2012 designer collections feature so many orange shades in their beauty lines. Orange is to Brown skin what Red is to white skin. It's our ooh-la-la shade. And thankfully Pantone has named it Color of the Year for 2012 (Tangerine Tango):

Rumour has it Pantone will be working with Sephora on a beauty line inspired by this color.

 Got any beauty tips for 2012? Share them with us and comment below!

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