Friday, January 27, 2012

Sonam Kapoor at Paris Couture Week 2012

Our picks for Paris Couture Week will be coming soon but in the meantime, Sonam Kapoor attended two shows and we wanted to recap on her style/looks from these two Fashion Houses.

Elie Saab
While I would have preferred if Sonam wore something from the designer, I love that she chose a saree for the red carpet. I do think sarees could be the next big fashion item, as I mentioned in my blog post for Vogue India.  She looks like cinderella-meets-cotton candy! Divine! The saree is by Deepti Pruthi. Below are some of her previous looks from Elie Saab.

Sonam at Elie Saab Paris Couture Week, Spring 2012

Sonam's Elie Saab looks

Jean Paul Gaultier
Sonam chose a soft blue suit, which happens to be the color of the moment at Paris Couture Week thanks to Chanel. And while I know critics will wish she left the brown trench, propped on her shoulders, at home; it adds a 1940-1950s sensibility that reminds me of World War 2 and fashion trends at that time. The hair and red lippy all add to the sex appeal (think Mae West). Nothing sexier than classic swagger!

Sonam at Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Fashion show

Previous look of Sonam in JPG 

Who can forget this? One of Sonam's first designer fashion looks

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