Friday, December 16, 2011

BBA Flashback Friday: Yasmeen Ghauri

I have so many people (mostly yesteryear Bollywood stars) I would like to feature for Flashback Fridays but this week the Yasmeen Ghauri fan club on Facebook posted a bunch of amazing pics of the South Asian Canadian supermodel who took over the fashion world in the early 90s. I'm such a big fan that I figured perhaps I should dedicate this week to the woman who made Brown fabulous for fashion houses like Versace and Hermes. Below are her Vogue covers but you can head over to Facebook to check out more runway pics on Yasmeen. And make you sure you tell your friends about where you heard it first ---> BBA!


  1. Hi Ashlene,

    In the last picture, who's Marcello?

    1. LOL no idea! But the cover is hot. :)