Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BBA 2012 Picks: Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall

Prabal Gurung revealed his Pre-Fall 2012 today and turns out our favorite New York designer was inspired by the motherland. According to Style.com: Gurung's starting point this season was India—not the "obvious India" that designers tend to think of, but "the muddy India, the ruins," he said, speaking from experience. "It can be harsh, really, but it's still beautiful." Accordingly, the glitz factor was near zero. He relied on a kaleidoscope print for his dresses and separates rather than the glitzy embroideries he's sometimes been known for. The palette was just as focused; in addition to black and white, he zeroed in on emerald green and a subtle, earthy pink.  I have to say, I'm loving this collection! It's a unique perspective and beautifully executed.

See the full presentation here.

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