Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BBA Pics: Chipko Women

Pamela Singh, Chipko Women Hug Tree to Protect it from Being Cut in Northern Uttar Pradesh
This picture moved me so much that I had to do more research on the Chipko movment. Below is what I found from Wikipedia

The Chipko movement or Chipko Andolan (literally "to cling" in Hindi) is a social-ecological movement that practised the Gandhian methods of satyagraha and non-violent resistance, through the act of hugging trees to protect them from being felled. The modern Chipko movement started in the early 1970s in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand,with growing awareness towards rapid deforestation. The landmark event in this struggle took place on March 26, 1974, when a group of peasant women in Reni village, Hemwalghati, in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, India, acted to prevent the cutting of trees and reclaim their traditional forest rights that were threatened by the contractor system of the state Forest Department. Their actions inspired hundreds of such actions at the grassroots level throughout the region. By the 1980s the movement had spread throughout India and led to formulation of people-sensitive forest policies, which put a stop to the open felling of trees in regions as far reaching as Vindhyas and the Western Ghats.


  1. I recently read an article about Priya Dua who took inspiration from the Chipko movement and founded Chipkos Footwear, in an effort to save rainforests http://www.chipkos.com/pages/math-teacher-priya-dua-saves-the-planet-with-a-simple-equation-and-a-company-called-chipkos-footwear

  2. WOW that's amazing. Thanks for sharing. I will see if I can find their page on FB. xo