Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BBA Special: Moti Rocks!

We all know that Vidya Balan and 'Dirty Picture' has started a much-needed discussion in Bollywood about weight. But the issue runs deeper than Bollywood in the Indian community. As a heavier child myself, I know how it feels to be outcasted among your family for being slightly bigger than the rest. The first problem is that we don't know how to address mental problems so therefore self-esteem isn't discussed. Secondly, we think 'eat-less-and-you'll-lose-weight' but unfortunately that isn't always the case. I may not be big-boned but hell I'm bigger than, say, a Deepika and that just isn't going to change! 

After decades I've learned to love myself, no matter what weight I am today or tomorrow. I've also learned that women aren't supposed to be one figure all their lives. Secondly, its OK to have a belly! LOL. Unlike Black or Spanish women, we weren't blessed with the bigger booty. Our bodies hold weight differently. Ofcourse, there's nothing attractive about a pot belly on a man or woman, BUT... and there's a big BUT(T) here too lol... the Indian Belly has been shaken proudly on the screen by the likes of Madhuri, Juhi, and Sridevi. And never in my life have I ever thought that any one of these actresses is anything less than stunning.

So while I care about the health of Indian women, I'm glad that curvy women still hold a place in Bollywood. I hope it never changes! And. in fact, with the growing number of female directors and producers, I hope we only see more and more quality roles that represent real women. 




Yesteryear stars like Meena Kumari were curvier but exposed less

Critics have been most harsh on Aishwarya for her weight ups and downs.
But she's always stayed UP in our books! And she's handled them like a pro.

Today I love Sameera Reddy's curves!


  1. "Unlike Black or Spanish women, we weren't blessed with the bigger booty. Our bodies hold weight differently." <--- This statement is disappointing!!!

  2. Rashida B. (previously Anonymous)January 27, 2012 at 8:34 AM

    I'm a woman of color myself (Black & Hawaiian) and for some reason have gravitated to Indian people and culture (as you well know it is pretty awesome, so I guess there's my reason). Anyway, with my mixed up family who can be mistaken for pure Asian to sub-Saharan and my friends that originate from Indian and other parts of South Asia (not to mention the West Indies) I've come to realize we are all very similar in how we hold weight. Our bodies distribute the extra pounds to places that will accentuate our femininity. Yes it will betray us at times and target the dreaded mid-section but girl you know as well as I do its a rare occasion when it will cause us to look frumpy or dumpy. I personally know some Indian women that I look at and have said "..if only I had that booty!", but with modern culture being what it is I believe Black and Spanish women make an effort to highlight the behind more than Indian women with their dress.

    Basically, the statement just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it was a bad day..idk...but I felt compelled to comment. I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog and FB post...did I say LOVE??? You still have a fan in me :-)

  3. I didn't mean in a way to judge women based on their bodies but we do hold weight depending on our heritage. Doesn't make us any less beautiful & always exceptions to all rules... thanks for ur support and for commenting!! xo

  4. Loved this post! Although I have always been slender, but I totally relate to the fact that our (Indian) bodies show the fat err curves differently then other ethnic groups! I grew up in India and been living in he US for past 9 years, and now I realize, that growing up THERE actually helped me not putting too much thought on muffin tops! All the "aunties" are supposed to be chubby and the way they proudly show their bellies in a sari still awes me!!! Those are the REAL CURVE CELEBRATIONS!!
    Discovered ur blog today and totally loving it here!
    Take care,

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