Saturday, February 4, 2012

MIA Madness!

Update: Madonna delivers a sensational half-time Super Bowl show but MIA shares the headlines as she sticks her middle finger. I just can't believe the first South Asian to perform and she goes and does this... LOVE it! More South Asian women and girls need to learn to 'not give a shit'. Believe & make it happen.

Original post:

So, being a long time fan of M.I.A, I'm excited to see that she's back to business. And in a BIG way too... THE SUPERBOWL! I'm pretty sure this is the first time a female Brown artist has performed at the football half-time show. She will be supporting Madonna alongside Nicki Minaj and their new video includes all three dressed as Marilyn (seems like everyone is dressing like Marilyn these days!). The real gem though is MIA's new song 'Bad Girls' which has a crazy arabic beat and matching visuals. WOAH! Check it out...

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  1. I like MIA's style! It's fun to see someone unique in the music industry; her fashion style & her music!