Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Channel Your Inner Supermodel!

I’ve often heard women say supermodels were created to make us feel bad. So why would someone even attempt to copy such 'perfection'? The truth is, I’ve never desired or wanted to be a model. Well, hmmm…I lie. Who wouldn’t want to look like that and be dressed by the world’s most talented designers? 

But the point is, aside from making everything look good [and no, it has nothing to do with being skinny!], supermodels have some serious sass, and a natural ability to shine far beyond the beautiful clothes. I wanted to attempt to capture not only their style but also their sass. I looked at my favorite Brown models from Yasmeen Ghauri with her retro 80s style to Lisa Haydon with her fun, bohemian chic look.

I went with 80s and 90s bombshell Yasmeen Ghauri, who has been featured in many campaigns for my favorite fashion house Chanel. I wore my vintage purple Chanel suit, my quilted Chanel bag and attempted to channel the fabulousness of Ghauri. Result: I’ve learned that we all need confidence (aka sass) whether we’re walking on a designer’s runway or the runway of life. It’s confidence that allows you to pull off any outfit. So whether you’re a Lakshmi Menon fan or Padma Lakshmi fan, next time you see a supermodel don’t be afraid to channel yours!

My look inspired the beautiful Yasmeen Ghauri 

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