Monday, March 5, 2012

India's Models Becoming To Skinny?

While I don't cover Lakme Fashion Week on this blog, I did notice this year the models were getting skinnier. I've been to plenty of fashion shows- from Victoria Secrets to NY Fashion Week- and I can tell you I am ALWAYS shocked at the skeletons and protruding bones on the runway. Sometimes, it's just too painful to watch.

But India - the place where voluptuous women have reigned supreme (at least in this department; read our feature "Moti Rocks" here)- is known to follow the western world's lead. I'm scared that in its quest to be taken seriously by the global fashion fraternity, it will forget that Indian women are celebrated for their curves. The skeletons and protruding bones are just not us, on or off the runway. While India has done a great job thus far with their models, I just hope it stays that way.

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