Monday, April 9, 2012

Dance & Romance in NYC!!

So recently I had UK girlfriends hit town and we went hard! It was a little crazy but we had an AMAZING time! Thanks to Mani, K, Kim, & Harreet for everything. It's refreshing to see the city from the eyes of an outsider.. you appreciate NYC so much more! Here's some pics from our adventures:

The outfit! Blazer: Zara Cuff: Hermes Earrings: Manik Mercian 

The girls! Ashlene Nand (Yep, that's me far left), Kim, Harreet, Maneka, K.

The boys! 

Me (centre)... jealous? lol..

It's not complete unless you go to KATI ROLL!!

Harreet (right) makes everyone smile...

No words needed. The stunning Kim.

I don't care what anyone says; it's all about BOLLYWOOD!

I rocked an older dress (far left) but wore these below...

Donna Karan Garter Illusion tight. SWAG!! xo


  1. Last week was amazing with the girls from London! Now I'm ready to appreciate
    London from a new perspective. Shall we book a flight to the UK and do it all
    over again Ash? ;)-
    Or we can just strut our stuff on the Streets of New usual. And I must say, it never gets old! I love this city and I love it even more with you in it!
    We need to tear this city up before you leave for Sydney.
    Those tights looked amazing on you. That outfit was meant to be danced in and you rocked it!

    1. HAHA thanks Dip!!!! See you soon xoxox

  2. Not long to go for part deux!

  3. New York completely revived was like a facial for my soul! Ash your outlook on life heightened this inspiration totally bringing the city to life for us even more. Can't wait for part 2 and the amazing event you are hosting! We are all planning on getting our fashion donations together this weekend...excitement!!!! God bless you are showing us another face to the city xxx

    1. Awww thanks Kimmy!!! Can't wait to give you girls big hugs... it will be fab!! xo

  4. Harreet Khara aka Tina ;)May 2, 2012 at 4:09 PM

    ASHLENE...!! Thanks for the shout out! Had the BEST time ever.. Wish I was coming for Part II but guess you'll have to come to London instead - as suggested by Deepti ;)

    See you soon! xo

    1. Haha!! Yes my sis was just saying the same... maybe sept? I would love to bring some NYC swagga & show 'em Brits how its done LOL... u need to represent till I get there Reety! xox

  5. Thank you for showing us your city. You truly are - "NEW YORK'S FINEST"! X