Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bollywood's Ageless Beauties: Madhuri, Sridevi, Karisma, Kajol

The 80s aren't just hot in fashion and music; it seems Bollywood is being consumed by divas from the previous decades making a comeback. While I try to focus this blog on fashion, as a 90s Bollywood fan it's hard not to get excited by some of my favorite stars stepping back into the limelight. Let's take a glimpse as what's happening with our favorite 80s-90s B-town divas:

When I was growing up you were either team Dixit or team Sridevi. It was that simple. I still believe, to this day, that Madhuri is the most beautiful woman in the world (of this generation, at least). I can't help but applaud her. She's chosen to age gracefully and make a return to Bollywood, which is quite astonishing as we all know B-town's preference for young, lanky types these days. But Madhuri is Legend. I hope that the gossip rags and critics take a back seat when it comes to Bollywood's Queen. She's waving the torch for older Indian women everywhere. Naturally, it's fabulous.

I don't think there has been an actress more cross-generational than Sridevi. I mean, she was the real Mrs I find it a little weird seeing her with Sonam Kapoor but if she can hold her own next to someone half her age (her own niece), THAT'S ageless beauty. Yes, there might be a little too much plastic surgery here, but who can blame her? She clearly works damn hard to stay in shape, looks fab, and no doubt will continue to turn heads for a long time.

Two other Bollywood stars holding their own are Kajol and Karisma. I mean, between these two divas, it pretty much covers my 90s Bollywood CD! DDLJ continues to be my fave movie ever. And I think every song in Raja Hindustani is a classic! So when I see these ladies - who are only slightly older than I am - I can't help but feel they have accomplished so much. And yet, they're out for more. Kajol is trying to get her style mojo back and doing very well at it, while Karisma is choosing her brands very carefully as she makes a return to Bollywood. It'll be fun to watch these two and what they'll be wearing.

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