Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TURBANISTAS: Supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper

As a lead  up to my own forthcoming post on Turbans (which I shot in NYC with the fabulous Cathrine Westergaard), I wanted to really to take a look at headwear (see our recent post here). I thought I was done last weekend after seeing it on JPG's runway but it seems my obsession isn't over just yet LOL! We know the turban is going to take off and it look like 2013 could be year (at least the fashion elite think so) but we've seen this trend before. In this post, I want to highlight supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper (yes the same one that founded the agency). She was a top model of the 50s and 60s and her love for turbans, hats and head scarves were pretty obvious. Her breathtaking, mannequin-like exotic beauty gained her more American Vogue covers than any other model.

I  love this for the Indian style jewelry..

Cooper continues to inspire models and photographers today...

And turbans continue to trend on covers.

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