Saturday, August 11, 2012

BBA Flashback: Jackie O in India

I recently came across a picture of Jackie O in India. While I'm not on the 'OMG-A-Foreigner-Likes-India' bandwagon, this woman was a fashion icon. So when you put the elegant Jacqueline Kennedy in front of breathtaking Indian landscape, it naturally creates a ohhh-la-la moment. And of course, I had to post them.. her sense of style is impeccable.

With the uber chic Maharani Gayatri


  1. Great aggregation of Jacqueline Kennedy pictures. She was a fashion icon indeed!

  2. true... A VERY INSPIRING PIECE? :)

  3. Awesome post! Jackie O actually edited an excellent book on Indian art called A Second Paradise, decades after her trip to India. She truly has a passionate interest in the country and culture, which I found so heartwarming. It's a hard book to track down, but worth having on your bookshelf