Monday, March 26, 2012

BBA Pics: Influence of the Saree

Update: On Diane von Furstenberg's recent trip to Mumbai, she said “The sari is like the wrap dress, it has a body language.” We've been blogging on the influence of the saree for some time now, and will continue to show how Indian fashion has been an inspiration since... well... for centuries.

The saree's influence ranges far and wide in fashion like this dress from Elizabeth Taylor's collection...

And who can forget this Chanel dress worn fabulously by Blake Lively...


  1. This is super impressive, India has been such an amazing influence on global fashion, from India inspired Louboutin to Chanel's Saree dress. Ashlene, i appreciate your effort in bringing out such stories and making India and Indians proud. Good job..

  2. Thanks Mansi! That's very sweet.. xo