Monday, March 26, 2012

Simon Who? The Indian Fashion Industry Doesn't Need Western Experts.

You are probably asking yourself who the hell is Simon Lock? Me too. His recent comments on the Indian fashion industry are very ignorant. So, apparently, the founder of Australian Fashion Week (which, as an Aussie, I can openly say has disappointed me many times before) has the audacity to criticize the Indian fashion industry without - what it seems- any knowledge of the designers or marketplace.

This is what he said:
"There are many designers internationally who are making collections inspired by India; then why can't an Indian designer do that? Indian designers are loved everywhere, but I think they are not motivated enough to use their own design aesthetics and this is a disappointment," Lock told IANS.

Not motivated?? Ummm... does this guy not know INDIAN fashion? Hello, Lock why don't you google Sabyasachi or Manish Malhotra?? I agree about his comments on less fashion weeks but to criticize a successful, growing industry is to assume the Indian fashion industry is doing more things wrong than right. Ummm.. not the case. We're doing more right and these comments are not constructive.

You can read his misinformed "expert" opinions here.

Meanwhile, the American godmother of fashion Diane von Furstenberg got it right by saying: “You have the fabrics, colours and embroidery, which inspires so many people. It’s almost humbling to think that we foreign designers can come here and sell garments. You don’t need anything from us." We love Diane.

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