Saturday, June 30, 2012

TURBANISTAS Part Three: High-Fashion Headwear

To say the turban is coming back would imply it went away. If you haven't seen the Turban in action on fashionistas, then you must be a new reader to BBA (welcome!). We've covered it in our "TURBANISTAS" posts featuring Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Moss. We've highlighted Sheikha Mozah, our fashion turban muse. And we've even shown Beyonce rock out with it. Now, the turban remains in the spotlight with a slew of new celebrities to add to the list. The trend has morphed into scarves, African-inspired headwear, headbands and even jewelry. This weekend we're all about headwear so get ready! My new shoot (featuring yours truly) with New York photographer Cathrine Westergaard also profiles the Turban. And, we'll look at menswear too. Exciting!

Ashley does is Arabian style

Fan Bing Bing in Elie Saab

Karolina at the Met in Rachel Zoe

The trend hit the SS12 runway

You have to give to these trendsetters rocking African-inspired headwear

Iman does it with plaid

Kylie was one of the first to embrace the trend back in the 90s. 

I can't help wonder if an Indian designer does it, it just feels unoriginal. But Sabyasachi nails it.

For Indians, we grew up with the trend. Here's Sridevi in the 90s rocking a headscarf.

And the head jewels are - naturally- here too... 

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