Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BBA Newstands: October 2012

So the October covers are here and you just can't compete with Lakshmi Menon for Grazia... stunning! Vogue is celebrating their 5th Anniversary but why they chose ALL Bollywood stars and no models is a HUGE disappointment. I guess they wanted sales over iconic images (*sigh*).  Marie Claire went for something different but not sure I understand the concept. Check them out, comment, and we'll update this post with GQ when it arrives. UPDATED: Harper's Bazaar, Verve and all the Vogue covers.

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  1. Those who read fashion magz may be into celebs, but as we gander through book stores going through each zine at a time, we're more interested in the clothes, no? I could see if it was GAGA on the cover (I think she was on the cover for US Vogue). She's recognized for her iconic style. But as i recall watching the September Issue, they always use a celeb on the cover especially for the September issue. As for my personal opinion, the cover is not enticing enough for their grand 5. It has nothing to do with the actress, but I'm simply not feeling it. Well, as i think more about it, maybe they should have avoided the wind blown look, and maybe do part of her body rather than the whole thing. They can't please everyone, and maybe the demographics there are :) with it.